Meito Droplets of Lychee Candy


The flor­al and sweet fra­grance of lychees fall into a cat­egory of deli­cious­ness all of their own. But as a trop­ic­al fruit more asso­ci­ated with East Asia, it’s not a fla­vour you find much trans­lated into Western foods. And even when it is, it’s strength is a step down from the Asian attempts. Lychee fla­voured candy is some­thing you’ll find only in Asian super­mar­kets. And even then, the vast major­ity are man­u­fac­tured by Japanese com­pan­ies.

This is Meito Droplets of Lychee Candy. Each piece of this hard suck­ing candy resembles a ‘droplet’ of juice from ripe lychees.

As you can expect from the Japanese, that allu­sion cre­ated by the pack­aging is accur­ate — each candy has the refresh­ing fla­vour of lychees at the height of their ripe­ness, just before they become over ripe. There’s noth­ing shy about this lychee fla­vour — it’s bold and abso­lutely deli­cious.

While I’ve come to prefer gummy candy over hard candy, the hard candy format works here to pro­long enjoy­ment of the lychee fla­vour. It’s much easi­er to stop after one piece, where­as the fleet­ing sat­is­fac­tion of chew­ing gummy candy keeps you eat­ing more.

Meito Droplets of Lychee Candy was pur­chased in Tokyo, Japan in 2014.