Lupicia Kiwi Black Tea


Black tea car­ries sweeter fruit fla­vours bet­ter than green teas, which are more suited to the sharp­er more cit­rusy fla­vours, like yuzu and grapefruit. This holds true for Lupicia Kiwi Black Tea, a kiwifruit fla­voured black tea.


Steeping 3 g for 2.5 minutes in 200 ml of just boiled water gave a golden brown liquor with a smell sug­gest­ing an intensely sweet — almost overly ripe — kiwifruit. This smell provides the sweet­ness for the tea. A first sip reveals an aro­mat­ic trop­ic­al fla­vour remin­is­cent of the sweeter golden kiwifruit that’s refresh­ingly smooth on the tongue, before yield­ing to an astrin­gent fin­ish that recalls the puck­er­ing sen­sa­tion from bit­ing into the fuzzy skin of green kiwifruits.

Lupicia’s Kiwi Black Tea is a vast improve­ment on my oth­er Eikokuya Tea Kiwifruit Black Tea.

This bag of Lupicia Kiwi Black Tea con­tained 50 g. The tea was packed in Japan and pur­chased in Kanazawa, Japan in 2015.