Kürtősh, Wollongong


Last year when look­ing into the loc­a­tions of oth­er Kurtosh stores and not­ing that were all in the Eastern Suburbs save the one in Wollongong, I asked N selfishly, why any­one would ever need one there. Fast for­ward 6 months later, and we make sev­er­al stops at the Kurtosh branch of Wollongong dur­ing our trip. Yes, now I know why. And more than that, it’s open on pub­lic hol­i­days from 8am to 10pm.


Like their Surry Hills store, they have an impress­ive selec­tion of slab cakes.


Their pastry cab­in­et is run­ning low by the time we vis­it at 7pm. So I quickly grab the remain­ing Eggplant and Hummus Burekka ($4.50) before decid­ing on cakes in the oth­er cab­in­ets. It is every bit as deli­cious and more-ish as when I had it in Surry Hills.


We try the Nutella Kürtőskalács ($9.00) to con­vince D that they do taste much bet­ter when they’re fresh. We’d ima­gined the Nutella to be slathered on the out­side after bak­ing, only to find it neatly sand­wiched between two lay­ers of extra thin dough. The out­side was deli­ciously crunchy and the hazel­nuts gave the Nutella an extra nut­ti­ness.


N and I con­tin­ue try­ing their roul­ades. This is the Mango and Passionfruit Roulade ($4.50/100g) with cubes of mango through­out a pas­sion­fruit cream. The sponge is light and fluffy, while the mango gives a strong hit of fresh mango fla­vour to the slightly tangy pas­sion­fruit cream.


D tries their Cookies and Cream Cheesecake ($4.50/100g) and enjoys the gen­er­ous cook­ie to cream ratio and the added tex­tur­al crunch from the cook­ie base.


T goes for the Rhubarb Crumble ($4.50/100g). Having not had rhu­barb before, D and I were sur­prised by its sweet, rasp­berry-like fla­vour. I wasn’t keen on the cheese, though, and it could’ve used more crumble.


To cut through all the sweet­ness, I try their Egyptian Rose Tea ($3.50/pot). I’d ordered it iced, and the wait­ress had called it an iced tea, so I was ter­ribly con­fused why it came out hot in a tea pot. But hav­ing already tried an iced Egyptian rose tea at Brewtown Newtown, I was eager to try it hot so it was a happy mis­take. The tea is infused from rose­buds to form a gor­geous jew­el pink-red liquor. The del­ic­ate rose notes lend a subtle sweet­ness to the tea that cuts through the sweet­ness of the slab cakes and kürtőskalács.

Kürtősh is loc­ated at Wollongong Central, Globe Lane, 200 Crown Street, Wollongong NSW 2500.