His Boy Elroy, Wollongong


Burgers became the food dur­ing the roadtrip to the Illawara. It was entirely by acci­dent and largely dic­tated by the places that were open on pub­lic hol­i­days. All except His Boy Elroy, a hip bar on trendy Globe Lane serving American style bur­gers and oth­er snacks.


They have an impress­ive selec­tion of alco­hol but we’re here for the food.


Popeye adorns the com­ic themed wall. I can’t be the only per­son who won­ders if people obtain copy­right clear­ance for use of these images, can I? Turns out, the cre­at­or of Popeye died in 1938 so all is likely well.


The fresh apple juice ($6.00) was refresh­ing with the tang of Granny Smith apples, but prob­ably not worth the price of hav­ing someone juice two apples for me. If people ahead of you order cold drinks, ser­vice can get a bit slow as the the guy tak­ing orders is also mak­ing them.


D went with the Fat Boy ($13.00) with ‘wagyu beef patty, ice­berg, cheese, pickles + spe­cial sauce’, which he turned into a ‘combo’ (+$6.00) with side chips season­ing with secret spice mix and 4 wings with franks hot sauce.

D enjoyed the bur­ger, but thought it rather aver­age — the bur­gers at Grill’d were more to his (and my) taste. The hot wings came out pip­ing hot, covered prom­isingly in sauce that smelled like Tabasco sauce, but unfor­tu­nately with no ‘heat’ to make them ‘hot’ wings. The chips had a more-ish spice mix to them, akin to the kind you get in the season­ing shakes you can get occa­sion­ally at McDonald’s.


I’ve not been able to res­ist any item on the menu with egg­plant lately, so I go for the Landscaper 2.0 ($13.00) with ‘egg­plant snitty, shaved beets, fen­nel, cos & mint lab­neh’.


There’s no mis­tak­ing that this is a vege bur­ger, and the crisp­ness of the cos and fen­nel con­tras­ted well with the softer innards of the egg­plant schnitzel and shaved beets. A thick­er, more sub­stan­tial egg­plant schnitzel would’ve gone a long way to mak­ing it a more sat­is­fy­ing bur­ger though.


The same pri­cing between the vege and meat bur­gers, and the smal­ler size of the bur­gers at His Boy Elroy push them into the expens­ive range, but the taste did not jus­ti­fy the price for us to return on future vis­its.

His Boy Elroy is loc­ated at 1 Globe Ln, Wollongong NSW 2500.