Grill’d, Wollongong


Burgers and healthy don’t often appear in the same sen­tence. Unless you’re eat­ing at Grill’d, of course, which ‘spe­cial­ises in healthy bur­gers’. I’m not con­vinced that their bur­gers — which are huge — are health­i­er than those at McDonalds or Hungry Jacks, but no one eats a bur­ger to be healthy, right?

The wooden, exposed brick interi­or with hanging fil­a­ment lights cer­tainly gives the impres­sion of being a more gour­met estab­lish­ment that’s more likely to use qual­ity ingredi­ents, and hence, health­i­er, though.


The win­dow sill open­ing into their kit­chen is lined with paper fig­ur­ines.


D goes for the Almighty ($13.50) with grilled grass fed lean beef, tasty cheese, crispy trim bacon, free range egg, a couple of slices of beet­root with salad, rel­ish & her­bed mayo.

D likes to orders eggs on his bur­gers, so for the longest time I had con­fused Grill’d with with our adven­tures at Schnitz. He enjoyed the bur­ger, with no com­plaints oth­er than the juicy beet­root caus­ing the bur­ger to bleed.


I get the Summer Sunset ($12.50) with grilled grass fed lean beef, avo­cado, crispy trim bacon, golden pine­apple, salad, rel­ish & her­bed mayo.

With my unre­lent­ing sweet tooth, I love pine­apple in my bur­gers. And here, the pine­apple gave a tan­tal­ising juicy sweet­ness to the melt-in-your mouth beef patty and crisp lettuce. Juicy means messy, but it was worth it!


On a second vis­it, D tries a dif­fer­ent meat with the ‘Baa Baa’ Burger ($13.50) with grilled grass fed lean lamb, avo­cado, tasty cheese, salad, rel­ish & her­bed mayo.

I’m not a big fan of intensely gamey of lamb, but to D’s dis­ap­point­ment, the lamb was not iden­ti­fi­able and he could’ve been fooled into think­ing he was eat­ing a (decent) beef bur­ger again.


I’d chosen the most tasty sound­ing bur­ger with the Summer Sunset, so I had an awful time choos­ing a bur­ger on our second vis­it. I ended up with three sliders (3 for $15.00).


First up is the Grilled Chicken Breast & Asian Slaw with Fresh Mint, Coriander & Roasted Peanuts. This felt like an attempt at some­thing banh mi thit inspired, but it wasn’t too suc­cess­ful. The chick­en lacked fla­vour, while the salad was overly dehyd­rated and the bread to filling ratio was too high, leav­ing each bite far more doughy than pleas­ant. With the bur­gers, the bun was the vehicle for car­ry­ing the filling, but not here.


Next up is the Grilled Chicken Breast with Pomegranate & Mild Wasabi Slaw. The doughy bread was an issue with all three sliders, so that aside, I enjoyed the was­abi mayo — it added a pleas­ant kick and mois­ture to the rather dry salad and bland chick­en breast.


Finally, the Grass Fed Lean Beef with Pomegranate & Mild Wasabi Slaw was eas­ily the best of the three sliders. The beef had a deli­cious smoky, meaty fla­vour that paired well with the was­abi slaw.


To go with our bur­gers, we had the Chips Share Plate ($13.00) with potato, sweet potato & zuc­chini chips and sweet chilli mayo, her­bed mayo & hot chilli mayo.

The fluffy potato innards were crispy on the out­side and seasoned with rose­mary. I’m still not sure I like rose­mary, even after repeated expos­ure, so I’m set­tling with ‘like in super mod­er­a­tion’. The sweet potato fries were a bit limp as expec­ted, while the zuc­chini fries were sur­pris­ingly like the tempura’d veget­ables you get in Japanese res­taur­ants. We didn’t care much for the dips, though.


Every cus­tom­er receives a Local Matters token. Through the Local Matters pro­gram each Grill’d res­taur­ant donates $500 monthly to three loc­al com­munity groups split $300 /​$100 /​$100.


Customers vote for their favour­ite by pla­cing a token into a Local Matters jar.

While not neces­sar­ily ‘healthy’ bur­gers, it’s tasti­ness that mat­ters and Grill’d sure do some pretty tasty bur­gers!

Grill’d is at Wollongong Central Shopping Centre, GD W125/​200 Crown St, Wollongong NSW 2500.