Nestle KitKat Special Green Tea Kinako


Kinako is roas­ted soy­bean flour that has a sweet, nutty taste and powdery tex­ture. It’s com­monly used as both an ingredi­ent and a top­ping for Japanese desserts, from dango, all kinds of mochi and even shaved ice.

Now, there’s Nestle KitKat Special Green Tea Kinako, a lim­ited edi­tion avail­able only at the numer­ous Kitkat Chocolatory stores in major Japanese cit­ies.


This KitKat smells like white chocol­ate, without a hint of kinako or green tea. Biting into it, though, you encounter sweet­ness, and then as the chocol­ate melts, you taste the nut­ti­ness of the kinako and feel the slightly powdery tex­ture. This is fol­lowed by the grassy bit­ter­ness char­ac­ter­ist­ic of green tea that lingers until the end before leav­ing a nutty fla­vour after­taste. It’s a sweeter, nut­ti­er, more com­plex green tea KitKat.

The box of Nestle KitKat Special Green Tea Kinako con­tained 4 mini bars. It is a spe­cial edi­tion for the KitKat Choco­la­tory and was sourced in Tokyo, Japan in 2013.