Glico Double Pretz Matcha Vanilla


Glico Double Pretz Matcha Vanilla is one of a series of spe­cial edi­tion Pretz fla­vours that offers two sep­ar­ate fla­vours on a single bis­cuit stick. The paler green is the vanilla, while the dark­er green is the matcha.

This is my first time tast­ing sweet Pretz. Even with Pocky, which are really Pretz bis­cuits that are enrobed in mousse rather than dus­ted in season­ing, the bis­cuit retains its slight savoury fla­vour. With these sweet Pretz though, the fla­vour (and sweet­ness) relies on the bis­cuit itself rather than the dus­ted season­ing.

With this Matcha Vanilla Double Pretz, the sweet­ness comes from the vanilla half. Strangely enough, eat­ing the green half sep­ar­ately doesn’t yield a much of a matcha fla­vour. It’s only when eaten togeth­er with the vanilla half that a sweetened matcha fla­vour (like a matcha latte) comes through. Flavouring the bis­cuit, rather than rely­ing on season­ing, seems to res­ult in a bis­cuit with a dens­er tex­ture that smells and tastes much like a cook­ie with less crisp­ness than ordin­ary Pretz.

This would sit at the bot­tom of all fla­vours of Pretz I’ve tried so far, although it’s not ter­rible, either — the savoury Pretz fla­vours are a more more­ish snack.

The box of Glico Double Pretz Matcha Vanilla con­tained one bag of ~30 pieces. It was man­u­fac­tured in Thailand, and pur­chased in Hong Kong in 2015.