Cadbury Chocolate Fish


Regional fla­vours of main­stream products are always fun. Some are more fun than oth­ers, like Nestle Japan’s region­al KitKats in Japan. But then there are the more loc­al ones like Cadbury Chocolate Fish.

These Cadbury Chocolate Fish are a recent gift from col­leagues in New Zealand after hav­ing done some rather fiddly and time-con­sum­ing work for them in late 2015. Fittingly, accord­ing to Wikipedia, chocol­ate fish are ‘a com­mon reward for a job well done well’ in Kiwi cul­ture.

Each fish is about 5 – 6 inches long with pink marsh­mal­low covered in a thin lay­er of milk chocol­ate with the scales on the fish cre­ated by mov­ing the fish under a blower, which slides the unset chocol­ate back to cre­ate the illu­sion of scales.

These chocol­ate fish are very sweet as you’d expect from marsh­mal­low covered in milk chocol­ate. I ini­tially thought the marsh­mal­low would be white instead, but the sweet­ness and the pink marsh­mal­low works — it’s more col­our­ing than fla­vour­ing (some pink marsh­mal­lows can taste like raspberry/​strawberry). The chocol­ate fish are espe­cially good after chilling in the fridge as the chocol­ate coat­ing becomes crispy and the marsh­mal­low becomes chew­i­er.

The bag of Cadbury Chocolate Fish con­tained 6 pieces. It was pro­duced in New Zealand and gif­ted by col­leagues from Otago, New Zealand in 2015.