Nestle KitKat for Cafe


KitKat sand­wiches — KitKat topped with whipped cream and can­died orange peel and stuffed between two slices of white bread — were some­thing you could pur­chase at First Kitchen in Japan dur­ing early 2015. Those KitKat sand­wiches used a spe­cial ver­sion of KitKat — Nestle KitKat for Cafe.

Nestle KitKat for Cafe was made under the super­vi­sion of Japanese con­fec­tion­er Yasumasa Takagi and dif­fers from reg­u­lar KitKat by hav­ing vanilla-fla­voured bis­cuit mixed into the chocol­ate coat­ing. Now, the KitKat sand­wich was no longer avail­able for sale by late 2015. But, I could still try the bars them­selves at First Kitchen. After pur­chas­ing, the sales assist­ant retrieved a refri­ger­ated one for me.

The Nestle KitKat for Cafe is much cris­pi­er than a reg­u­lar KitKat as a res­ult of the bis­cuit kneaded into the coat­ing. It recalls the stur­di­er dark chocol­ate KitKat without the added bit­ter­ness. The effect of the cris­pi­er coat­ing is a Kitkat that can with­stand dip­ping into hot drinks — although I had mine by itself — and give tex­ture to the unre­mark­able com­bin­a­tion of whipped cream, can­died orange and bread.

This mini bar of Nestle KitKat for Cafe was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Kyoto, Japan in 2015.