Lipton Blueberry Muffin Tea

When I buy teas fla­voured like baked goods, I’m nev­er quite sure how it’ll man­age to do that. Afterall, baked goods use so many dif­fer­ent ingredi­ents. With this Lipton Blueberry Muffin Tea, though, the fla­vour comes through both your senses of taste and smell.


Steeped for one minute in 200 ml of near boil­ing water, the tea smells like a good blue­berry muffin right down to the fruity sweet and but­tery cake crumbs. But no one likes to drink a but­tery tea, so the taste of the tea has no hint of the but­tery muffin, but just the fruity berry notes. The sweet full bod­ied fla­vour of the black tea adds a pleas­antly sweet com­plex­ity to the blue­berry fla­vour that lingers as an after­taste.

While some teas are refresh­ing and thirst-quench­ing — some­thing you want to drink quickly — this Blueberry Muffin Tea is some­thing to be savoured slowly to appre­ci­ate its com­plex­ity.

This box of Lipton Blueberry Muffin Tea con­tained 20 tea bags. The tea ori­gin­ated in Kenya and Indonesia and was pur­chased in Kobe, Japan in 2015.