Kin by Us, Macquarie Park


Kin by Us in Macquarie Park is a trendy Asian influ­enced cafe run by Uel and Shannelle Lim, con­test­ants from My Kitchen Rules 2014. Despite its loc­a­tion about 5 – 10 minutes away from the exceed­ingly busy Macquarie Shopping Centre, it’s packed for Saturday brunch/​lunch. Such is its fol­low­ing over a year after it’s open­ing.


While we wait for our dishes, we get a rose and lychee fri­and ($6) to share. It’s a crumbly and moist vanilla fri­and topped with rose and lychee cream, rose jel­lies, rose petals and a dust­ing of pista­chio. I didn’t mind that the rose and lychee wasn’t infused into the fri­and, as the top­pings delivered the fla­vours with every bite. Rose and lychee com­ple­ment so well.


D ordered the BFF bur­ger ($10) with ‘bacon, crispy egg, chilli mayo, bri­oche’. The bacon was juicy and the egg was per­fectly runny.


T ordered the con­gee ($15) with ‘chick­en rice por­ridge, onsen egg, pork floss, and Chinese dough­nut’. The Chinese dough­nut looked deli­ciously fluffy and crispy, and not at all oily like the ones you see in Asian gro­cery stores. The con­gee was like a fanci­fied ver­sion of clas­sic home food.


N and I each had the waffle belly ($14) with ‘car­a­mel soy pork belly, potato waffle, onsen egg, shrooms, and cab­bage’. The pork belly was deli­ciously fatty and melt-in-your mouth. The potato waffle, which is what attrac­ted me to this dish at first, was fluffy and tasted like mash pota­toes teased into a waffle shape. I’d have pre­ferred less pep­per in the waffle, but oth­er than that the onsen egg was beau­ti­fully gooey, and the umami of the mush­rooms and the crisp cab­bage and fra­grant cori­ander com­ple­men­ted each oth­er well.


To fin­ish off, D and I share the black ses­ame shake ($7). D and I love the fla­vour of black sea­same and can nev­er get enough of black ses­ame mochi in Japan. Here, the black ses­ame fla­vour was as strong as to be in your face like the mochi, but more subtle. D would have pre­ferred a stronger fla­vour but I thought it was pleas­antly bal­anced so as not to send you into a food coma after a meal.

Kin by Us is loc­ated at 1a/​2 Saunders Cl, Macquarie Park NSW 2113.