Devon on Danks, Waterloo


Devon on Danks in Waterloo is the cool­er sib­ling to Devon in Surry Hills. It has the coveted cronuts and the soft serves in their dizzy­ing array of fla­vours, a more extens­ive brunch menu, and of course, they’re open for din­ner.


Devon on Danks con­tin­ues the theme star­ted by Breakfast with the Sakumas at Surry Hills with Brunching with the Sakumas ($27), ‘roas­ted king sal­mon, potato noodle, clam and miso but­ter, onsen egg, furikake, enoki, chives’.

The dish was every bit as tasty as it soun­ded. The sal­mon was just cooked, that is, as close to raw as pos­sible without actu­ally being raw, so had the per­fect silky-smooth tex­ture. And the sal­mon skin? It was salty and super crispy, a deli­cious con­trast to the melt in your mouth tex­ture of the flesh. I could get used to eat­ing cooked fish if it tasted like this! The potato noodles dis­guised enoki mush­rooms cooked in miso but­ter — mush­rooms and but­ter are a match made in heav­en — and there was a gen­er­ous num­ber of clams (4 – 5) hid­den in the noodles. The oozy yolk went well brought the potato noodles and enoki togeth­er beau­ti­fully. This was one tasty, albeit expens­ive, dish.


I was look­ing for­ward to try­ing one of their kron­nies, but they’d sold out of all the spe­cial fla­vours with only one pork floss one left. No wor­ries, though, as the same spe­cial fla­vours fea­ture in their bri­oche donuts (3 for $7.20).


This is straw­berry cheese­cake. It comes with a sweet cream cheese filling, a syr­inge of straw­berry jam, and a dust­ing of pretty pink sug­ar. With the injec­tion of straw­berry jam, it’s a very moist donut. It’s tasty though, and tastes just like a straw­berry cheese­cake (the frozen, not the baked type). The bri­oche sits in as a softer crumb base.


This is the coconut jam aka kaya. Doesn’t this look like a takoy­aki? It’s filled with coconut jam, drizzled in a sticky coconut car­a­mel, and topped with toasted coconut. The coconut jam is rich in coconut fla­vour and goes well with the bri­oche — it’s just like a piece of bite sized kaya toast with extra gooey car­a­mel and crunchy coconut tex­ture.


This is the oreo. It’s filled with a chocol­ate fla­voured cream, and dus­ted with crushed Oreos. This was far less sweet than I expec­ted of a chocol­ate fla­voured donut. The Oreo bis­cuit dust­ing was unsweetened just like real Oreos, and the innards was pleas­antly light.

Devon on Danks is out of the way, but it cer­tainly doesn’t dis­ap­point the tastebuds.

Devon on Danks is loc­ated at 2 Danks St, Waterloo NSW 2017.