Brooklyn Hide, Surry Hills

Time flies. Or I’m pain­fully behind in pub­lish­ing posts. But, towards the end of last year, before one of my col­leagues left to join the Australian army, and before K returned to Indonesia to run his mother’s sea­food export busi­ness, we went for lunch at Brooklyn Hide in Surry Hills.


From the offer­ing of New York style bagels and wraps, I try the Hells Kitchen with pros­cuitto, avo­cado, feta, rock­et and lime on a poppy seed bagel ($10).


I love a good bagel. Like a good pret­zel, it’s dense and firm but spongy and chewy, and the bagels at Brooklyn Hide were all that. The pros­cuitto and rock­et gave just enough bite and fresh­ness to the soft ricotta and avo­cado.


It’s a long and warm day so an iced latte ($3.50) perks me up and cools me down. One of my pet peeves with cafes in Australia is that they expect you to sweeten your cof­fees with large brown sug­ar crys­tals. That’s fine with hot cof­fees, but it just doesn’t work with cold drinks. In any case, sug­ar crys­tals aside, it’s a decent latte.

Unfortunately, a decent bagel and latte for $14 means I’m unlikely to return soon.

Brooklyn Hide is loc­ated at 226 Commonwealth St, Sydney NSW 2010.