Arnott’s Tim Tam Espresso Martini


This Arnott’s Tim Tam Espresso Martini by Arnott’s fol­lows on from the Pina Colada from a few weeks back. Of the three fla­vours (the oth­er being straw­berry cham­pagne), I was most excited about this one. Coffee and chocol­ate are two fla­vours that go well togeth­er nat­ur­ally. This Tim Tam switches out milk chocol­ate mal­ted bis­cuit for some­thing dark­er, and crit­ic­ally, the chocol­ate cream filling for a cof­fee fla­voured filling.


There’s no miss­ing the espresso mar­tini in this Tim Tam as it hits you as soon as you open the pack­aging. While I noted that the Pina Colada Tim Tam was decidedly vir­gin (as it claims on the pack­aging) without the slight­est hint of alco­hol, this Espresso Martini Tim Tam man­ages to cap­ture, subtly, the boozy notes of cof­fee liqueurs like Kahlua in a way that the Three Bean Tim Tam did not. The cof­fee notes are strong in the filling yet also sweet enough to under­cut the bit­ter­ness of the cof­fee and the dark­er chocol­ate coat­ing and bis­cuit.

As with the Pina Colada, the filling in the Espresso Martini Tim Tam has a lower melt­ing point than oth­er vari­et­ies (the bis­cuits in this post were frozen before­hand, hence the con­dens­a­tion). Nevertheless, this is a firm favour­ite!

This pack­age of Arnott’s Tim Tam Espresso Martini con­tained 9 bis­cuits. It was pro­duced in Australia and was pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2015.