The Rose Hotel, Chippendale


Before October, I’d nev­er walked into a pub. I’m the biggest home­body, and there are few things I dis­like more than big crowds and loud music. I’d been to bars — well, res­taur­ants with bars — but nev­er a pub. Come October, though, K wanted pub food for lunch after read­ing about The Rose Hotel in Chippendale, so off we went. The food sec­tion is situ­ated behind the bar in a court­yard bathed in sun­light.


Their menu offers a wide vari­ety of stand­ard pub food — chick­en phar­m­ig­ar­nia, piz­zas how­ever you like, salads, bur­gers, and lasagna to name a few. I ini­tially go for the fish and chips, but they’ve run out, so the veg­gie bur­ger ($12 for lunch, $17 oth­er­wise) it is!


I usu­ally ignore the veget­ari­an options on menus out of habit — I love my meats and eat veget­ables out of oblig­a­tion to my body rather than enjoy­ment. Not this time, though, ‘cuz I love corn, and the veg­gie bur­ger had ‘corn and broad bean frit­ters, haloumi, mixed leaves, tomato, cori­ander, topped with spicy tomato rel­ish’.

I expec­ted a frit­ter with whole corn kernels/​broad beans rather than a mashed one. Surprisingly, though, my dis­ap­point­ment was short lived as the ‘patty’ tasted like a cro­quette — crunchy on the out­side with soft innards — I love cro­quettes. The tomato salsa added just the slight­est tasty kick, while the mixed leaves added crunchy fresh­ness and the haloumi’s thick tex­ture was a deli­cious sub­sti­tute for meat. The cori­ander, which usu­ally has a dis­tinct fla­vour, was absent.

The Rose Hotel is loc­ated at 52 – 54 Cleveland St, Chippendale NSW 2008.