Arnott’s Tim Tam Pina Colada

Biscuits and I have a rather unstable rela­tion­ship. I get bored of them after eat­ing one or two, so they usu­ally sit around for a while or I end up passing them on to someone else to fin­ish. But of the bis­cuits I like, Arnott’s Tim Tam are right up there.

This year, Arnott’s released three new fla­vours in time for Valentine’s Day: Pina Colada, Espresso Martini and Strawberry Champagne. The Arnott’s Tim Tam Pina Colada switches out the chocol­ate mal­ted bis­cuit for a mal­ted bis­cuit, and crit­ic­ally, the chocol­ate cream filling for a pine­apple, coconut and rum fla­voured filling. It’s a vir­gin pina col­ada though, the lack of alco­hol con­tent prob­ably a res­ult of the con­tro­versy gen­er­ated by Arnott’s Tia Maria Tim Tam and Kahlua Mint Slice in 2004.


The cream filling cap­tures the coconut and pine­apple fla­vours of a pina col­ada. It’s like the Arnott’s Adriano Zumbo Tim Tam Coconut Cream — my favour­ite — with pine­apple whipped through it. There’s also a vanilla/​burnt car­a­mel sweet­ness to the cream that’s remin­is­cent of rum, but the absence of the alco­hol­ic burn to it means its actu­ally very accur­ately labelled a vir­gin pina col­ada fla­vour. The melt­ing point for these are also a bit lower than your ordin­ary Tim Tam. Nevertheless, these are good.

I’ll fol­low with my thoughts on the Espresso Martini Tim Tam next time.

This pack­age of Arnott’s Tim Tam Pina Colada con­tained 9 bis­cuits. It was pro­duced in Australia and was pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2015.