Twinings Raspberry & Dragonfruit Sensation


Dragon fruit is one of the bland­est fruits, without a doubt. It has very mild sweet­ness, much like a mel­on or kiwifruit, that’s one the very edge of per­cep­tion. So, how is a fruit with a barely per­cept­ible fla­vour sup­posed to hold its own in an infu­sion, espe­cially with the intense fruity tart fla­vours of rasp­berry in Twinings Raspberry & Dragonfruit Sensation?

Infusing for 4 minutes in 200 ml of just boiled water, gave a beau­ti­ful deep red liquor with a sweet rasp­berry and slightly nutty fla­vour. Much like the bland flesh being in stark con­trast with the bright exter­i­or of a dragon­fruit, a sip shows a much more mel­low tea than sug­ges­ted by the vibrancy of liquid. The tangy rasp­berry head notes round out to a gentle sweet­ness that reminds one of the fla­vour of dragon fruit seeds before leav­ing a nutty rasp­berry fla­vour after­taste. The fla­vour of the dragon fruit is stronger than you’d find in the fresh fruit and gives the tea a smooth­ness and clar­ity from its unaf­fected mel­low sweet­ness. It makes for a more refresh­ing fla­vour than the more acid­ic typ­ic­al rasp­berry teas: this Dragon Fruit Sensation cer­tainly holds its own.

This box of Twinings Raspberry & Dragonfruit Sensation con­tained 20 tea bags. It was packed in Australia and pur­chased in Syd­ney, Aus­tralia in 2013.