Twinings Camomile & Spiced Apple Infusion


Chamomile is very sooth­ing. But it’s a very basic tea. So, when I want a chamo­mile tea with a touch of fancy, Twinings Camomile & Spiced Apple Infusion does the trick. It’s a very com­fort­ing tea.

Infused for 4 minutes in 200 ml of boil­ing water, it’s apple-y with a hint of cin­na­mon, remin­is­cent of those good McDonald’s apple pies and without the sweet­ness. It’s also very easy to over steep, though, so it’s not one of those teabags you can just leave sit­ting in your mug until you fin­ish drink­ing. Once over-infused, the chamo­mile and cin­na­mon notes over­whelm and leave an unpleas­ant bit­ter­ness to the tea. On the same note, though, it means that you can reuse the teabag for mul­tiple infu­sions and still get a decent fla­vour.

This box of Twinings Camomile & Spiced Apple Infusion con­tained 10 tea bags. It was packed in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2014.