The Pigeonhole Cafe, Ultimo


The Pigeonhole Cafe occu­pies a lit­er­al pigeon­hole of a space off Wattle St, the only tell tale sign being a laser cut met­al pigeon pok­ing out from the wall. There’s very little seat­ing, although we man­age to find a table at 1pm. Most cus­tom­ers seemed to drop in for takeaway.


They have a per­man­ent menu as well as a spe­cials menu that’s on clip boards hanging from the wall.


I go for the Eggplant Parma Sandwich ($12). I love egg­plant, I love melty cheese, and I love tomato-y foods, so what’s not to love? Absolutely noth­ing! Together, it was one tasty sand­wich, with the ‘patty’ of thinly sliced and grilled egg­plant smothered in melted cheese and tomato rel­ish. Yum!

And with this sand­wich, I learned some­thing new: The ori­gin­al (Italian) par­mi­gi­ana is an egg­plant based dish, not, as Australians would have you believe, a chick­en or veal schnitzel based dish! According to Wikipedia: ‘Parmigiana is an Italian dish made with a shal­low or deep-fried sliced auber­gine filling, layered with cheese and tomato sauce, then baked. Parmigiana made with a filling of egg­plant (also called auber­gine) is the earli­est and still unique Italian ver­sion.’


The next time I go for the Huevos Rancheros ($14). This second vis­it was a bit dis­ap­point­ing — what I got is not what was described. The eggs were beau­ti­fully oozy, the tomato was fresh, and I opted out of sri­r­acha sauce due to my sens­it­ive tongue, but WHERE IS MY TORTILLA?! Unfortunately, I only noticed this after­wards — at the time, I was just think­ing it was rather bor­ing food. The sour­dough that replaced it was a tad too toasted and the black beans and ricotta cheese didn’t add much fla­vour to the dish, oth­er than tex­tur­al mush.


And an Iced Latte ($4) to fin­ish off both times. It’s a good cof­fee, although I’d have appre­ci­ated sug­ar syr­up for sweet­en­ing rather than brown sug­ar, which doesn’t dis­solve fully in cold liquids.

The tasty sand­wich means I’ll have to revis­it The Pigeonhole Cafe soon to try out the rest of their menu!

The Pigeonhole Cafe is loc­ated at 458 Wattle St, Ultimo NSW 2007.