The Choc Pot, Burwood


I’m a big fan of res­taur­ants and dessert par­lours keep­ing their clas­sics, and then you get an influx of chocol­ate dessert par­lours that offer essen­tially the same menu: waffles or churros drizzled/​dipped in chocol­ate. So it’s always refresh­ing to see a chocol­ate dessert par­lour dis­tin­guish itself.

The Choc Pot has reappeared on my radar after serving waffles in chocol­ate for absurd price of ~$28 two years ago. Prices are now more on par with oth­er chocol­ate dessert par­lours.


I debate between get­ting the matcha pan­nacotta and the matcha brownie, and giv­en my aver­sion to cups of (what is essen­tially) cream, D and N sug­gest I go for the Matcha Brownie ($5). I’m very glad I did — it’s dense and strong in green tea fla­vour but without being bit­ter. The white chocol­ate added just enough mois­ture to break up the oth­er­wise cloy­ingly rich brownie (or giv­en there’s blon­dies, is this actu­ally a greenie?!).


D has the Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae ($12), a ‘homemade salted car­a­mel brownie smothered in melted dark Belgian chocol­ate, topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream and homemade hon­ey­comb pieces’. I’m much too pre­oc­cu­pied with my brownie to get a taste of his, although he seemed to enjoy it immensely. Although — how could you not enjoy, when it looks like that — you can even see the vanilla bean in the ice cream!


We get a Lime & Raspberry Frooty Spider ($7 – 8?), which is one of the more sat­is­fy­ing drinks I’ve had lately. You can taste that it’s equal parts lime and rasp­berry fla­voured, neither fla­vour dom­in­ates the oth­er — like a less sweet ver­sion of rasp­berry jam with zesty lime. It’s sour­ness was refresh­ing between bites of sweet dessert.


Whereas most cafes will offer you the stock selec­tion of teas (some vari­ant of gunpowder/​grey god­dess green tea, pep­per­mint, lem­on grass, chamo­mile, etc), there’s a much more impress­ive selec­tion of fla­voured teas at The Choc Pot. They no longer have the soursop green tea that I pur­chased a couple of years ago, although they do have a wider selec­tion than before.

One addi­tion to the selec­tion is the Turkish Delight Black Tea ($5 – 6?), a ‘tan­tal­ising blend of chocol­ate and rose petals). I was a bit appre­hens­ive when I saw it come out in a glass jar that doesn’t let you remove the leaves. I was pleas­antly sur­prised, though, that even after 15 – 20 minutes the tea still tasted pleas­ant — of course, there was a notice­able dif­fer­ence between the first and last cups (there were about three in the jar) — prob­ably as a res­ult of chocol­ate in the tea blend. The chocol­ate isn’t notice­able as such, but it does lend a slight sweet­ness to the tea that’s roun­ded out by the flor­al rose notes. It’s a very pleas­ant and bal­anced tea. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any being sold there.

The Choc Pot is some­where I must return!

The Choc Pot is loc­ated at 7/​1 Railway Parade, Burwood NSW 2134.