Sakura Japanese Kitchen, Sydney

The per­fect chir­ash­izushi is an elu­sive creature. Many res­taur­ants do it, but very few do it the way N and I prefer — just sashimi on sushi rice. And the one that did do it the way we prefer went severely down­hill in their levels of cus­tom­er ser­vice that we’ve not returned since. (When the dish comes with sal­mon and tuna, but you run out of tuna, you replace the tuna por­tion with more sal­mon — you don’t just serve the same por­tion of sal­mon, for­get about the tuna, and charge the same price. And that’s on top of get­ting the order wrong.).

So, N and I are back to look­ing for that res­taur­ant with the con­sist­ently good kais­en don. One such place we ended up as was Sakura Japanese Kitchen.


Before we get our main of chir­ash­izushi, we order some king fish hoso­maki ($5.50 for six pieces). Baby rolls, or hoso­maki, are is one of my favour­ite types of sushi. Each hoso­maki has good bite in the fish and an addict­ive chew­iness to the crisp sea­weed. The rice is vin­egared just right. I could eat many more plates of this!


Here, the chir­ash­izushi is called a Tasmania Don ($13) and comes with miso soup.


I had high hopes for this chir­ash­izushi, and per­haps they were too high. Overall, the sashimi and salad were fresh, but the sashimi slices were few (only six) and paper thin, the salad made up more than half the plate, and the rice was too vin­egared to be pleas­ant. There’s crab meat and sal­mon roe in abund­ance, but the former was bland and the lat­ter made the dish far too salty on top of the vin­egared rice.

Sakura Japanese Kitchen is loc­ated at 325 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000.