Glico Pretz Caesar Salad


Basil is one of my favour­ite herbs. I’m not much of a herb or veget­able per­son but when it comes to basil? Basil makes everything taste bet­ter. I love a tomato grilled cheese sand­wich, and it tastes even bet­ter with basil. I love tomato-based spa­ghetti, and it tastes even bet­ter with basil. Such is its power.

So, of course, Glico Pretz Caesar Salad sounds tasty. It’s a basil bis­cuit stick covered in season­ing fla­voured with Caesar salad dress­ing and cheese.

The basil gives the bis­cuit stick its green col­our and infuses it with the won­der­fully peppery/​minty basil fla­vours. The bis­cuit stick sits in for the crunchy croutons.

As for the season­ing, it’s rather com­plex. The first hit is one of cheese, that gives way to a slight tang and subtle heat that’s remin­is­cent of the lem­on and mus­tard tastes of Caesar salad dress­ing, but with a slight tomato-like sweet­ness to the tang like pizza sauce. Overall, the Glico Pretz Caesar Salad tastes like a crunchy ver­sion of the pizza mar­gher­ita grilled cheese.

The box of Glico Pretz Caesar Salad was 55g and con­tained 2 bags each with ~20 pieces. It was man­u­fac­tured in Japan, and pur­chased in Hong Kong in 2015.