Eikokuya Melon Black Tea


A couple of teas after my last taste of Kiwifruit Black Tea by Eikokuya Tea, I went back to try their oth­er fla­vours in my col­lec­tion. This time, it was the Eikokuya Melon Black Tea. The fla­vour of mel­on is very dis­tinct, so I thought it’d be a prom­ising tea to improve my poor first impres­sions of Eikokuya Teas.

This Melon Black Tea is a vast improve­ment from the kiwifruit. There’s a hon­ey­dew mel­on sweet­ness to the smell of the tea that car­ries through to a subtle fla­vour in the taste of the tea. I prefer this more subtle mel­on fla­vour — it’s a fla­vour that can taste arti­fi­cial very eas­ily when even the slight­est over­done. As with most fla­voured black teas, the ini­tial sweet mel­on fla­vour gives way to the astrin­gent bit­ter­ness of the black tea, which I don’t mind (added sug­ar would counter this).

This box of Eikokuya Melon Black Tea con­tained 6 tea bags. The tea ori­gin­ated in Sri Lanka and was pur­chased in Tokyo, Japan in 2014.