Black Star Pastry, n2 Extreme Gelato, and Grumpy Donuts at Spring Social, The Galeries, Sydney


What bet­ter way to wel­come spring than with spring-inspired desserts? The Galeries evid­ently thought the same with their Spring Social event from 24 – 27 September fea­tur­ing a host of pop up shops and events. The col­lab­or­a­tion between n2 Extreme Gelato and Black Star Pastry par­tic­u­larly inter­ested me — I was hop­ing for a revis­it of n2 Extreme Gelato’s take on Blackstar Pastry’s famed rose water­mel­on cake. That wasn’t to be, alas.


Instead, they had a Strawberry and Sakura Cream: ‘straw­berry gelato topped with whipped sak­ura cream sprinkled with freeze dried straw­berry powder’. Nothing speaks spring­time quite like sak­ura (or cherry blos­soms).

I found this straw­berry gelato refresh­ing with some pastry crumbs through­out to give it a nice crunch. The sak­ura cream was light and fluffy, with a notice­able yet subtle sak­ura fla­vour. It’s always easy to tell when people have no idea what they’re talk­ing about when it comes to sak­ura because they say they can or can’t taste ‘cherry’ fla­vour when sak­ura tastes noth­ing like cher­ries! It’s a dis­tinctly unique flor­al fla­vour with just the slight­est hint of salt­i­ness. The sak­ura went well with the light straw­berry gelato, and the freeze dried straw­berry powder gave it a good kick.


Two pop up stores down, Grumpy Donuts had three fla­vours on offer: chocol­ate pea­nut but­ter oreo, rasp­berry lime grumpy, and maple bacon ring.


The illus­tra­tions for each donut are just too cute. These are the two that N and I tried — bacon was too heavy for post-lunch dessert (and N hates bacon).


The Chocolate Peanut Butter Oreo ($5) donut was very rich and sweet. That’s an under­state­ment — the pea­nut but­ter drizzle and dark chocol­ate glaze was tasty, but I’m not sure I’d have been able to fin­ish the whole thing myself in one sit­ting. The Oreos gave a nice crunch against the gooey chocol­ate and pea­nut but­ter icing on the fluffy donut.


The Raspberry and Lime Grumpy ($5) donut was very much like candy. The rasp­berry fla­voured icing was sweet but the hand­made lime sprinkles gave just enough zing to break through — I’d have enjoyed lime sprinkles all over the donut, not just half! This was prob­ably my pre­ferred donut of the two for a post-lunch dessert, being less rich.

The Spring Social was held between 24 – 27 September at The Galeries, 500 George St, Sydney NSW 2000