Koko Black Salon, Sydney

Melbourne really has Sydney beat when it comes to chocol­ate cafes. Our choices were lim­ited to the Lindt Cafe, Max Brenner and Oliver Brown. Independent chocol­ate cafes (like the Chocolate Room) open for a short peri­od before clos­ing down. Koko Black, one of the main­stays of the Melbourne chocol­ate scene, how­ever, opened up salons at two loc­a­tions in Sydney in 2015.

So one Saturday morn­ing, just before head­ing to the State Library for a long day of research, I met up with C for cake at the Koko Black Salon at The Strand.


I ori­gin­ally had my mind set on the Apple Crumble Pannacotta, but it wasn’t avail­able that morn­ing. So I ‘settled’ for the Chocolate Alchemy Gateau ($10.50), described as their ‘sig­na­ture chocol­ate cake layered with 70% chocol­ate creme, dark chocol­ate mousse and a chewy chocol­ate car­a­mel’.

As expec­ted, this was one very good chocol­ate cake. It’s got a beau­ti­ful mir­ror glaze with gold leaf sit­ting atop thin and dis­tinct­ive lay­ers of dec­ad­ent chocol­ate. I par­tic­u­larly enjoyed the ‘chewy chocol­ate car­a­mel’, which stood out pleas­antly against the dark chocol­ate. Overall, it’s unbe­liev­ably rich, mak­ing it the per­fect cake for savour­ing slowly over a long catch up with a friend.

Koko Back Salon is loc­ated at the corner of Pitt Street Mall and Strand Arcade, or 412 – 414 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000.