Haven Baya Bomba

Sometimes, the white washed appear­ance of a cafe in an area of low foot traffic can be decept­ive. Like Haven — always walk­ing on the train sta­tion side of Chalmers Street meant I missed the oppor­tun­ity to peer inside its win­dows to see the quaint cafe hid­den inside. K, how­ever, assured me they did great cof­fee. A quick flip through their menu, how­ever, showed they were just a ser­i­ous about their teas as they were about their cof­fees. They even have an oolong latte, which I was curi­ous about but passed on hav­ing already had far too much lactose that day.


Their teas (and their cof­fees) come with a teapot and an hour­glass to time the steep. Once the steep­ing time is up, you can pour half the tea into the small ceram­ic jug to pre­vent over­steep­ing.


You can then pour the tea from the ceram­ic jug (or the remain­ing tea in the teapot) into the shal­low cup to drink. The atten­tion to the detail, to cre­at­ing an exper­i­ence is impec­cable at Haven.


After some delib­er­a­tion, I go for the Baya Bomba ($5), a berry and coconut infu­sion. The tast­ing note accom­pan­ies the tea.


Baya Bomba is weak­er than the overly punchy berry fla­vours I’m used to (cran­berry and rasp­berry teas in the Twinings col­lec­tions are super acid­ic), and it’s some­thing I can appre­ci­ate. The vanilla notes here counter the acid­ity of the berry fla­vours to cre­ate a mel­low­er fla­vour without over­whelm­ing. It’s a gentle tea that’s per­fectly bal­anced in sweet­ness and acid­ity as prom­ised. The only dis­ap­point­ing note was the fla­vour of coconut — while I could see the coconut in the infu­sion, I couldn’t taste it.

Haven is loc­ated at 30 – 34 Chalmers St, Surry Hills NSW 2010.