Glico Pocky Almond Crush


Nuts and chocol­ate are a nat­ur­al pair­ing. The pleas­ant crunch and fla­vour of roas­ted nuts go well with the bit­ter sweet­ness of chocol­ate. Glico Pocky Almond Crush is a bis­cuit stick enrobed in milk chocol­ate stud­ded with crushed almonds.


The rather muted fla­vour of almonds, when com­pared to oth­er nuts like pea­nuts and hazel­nuts, and the softer tex­ture means the crushed almonds provide suf­fi­cient crunch and nut­ti­ness without over­whelm­ing the fla­vour of the chocol­ate or the crunch of the bis­cuit stick.

Indeed, you get three dis­tinct tex­tures — the chocol­ate mousse (a less dark, hence sweeter chocol­ate than Chocolate), the crushed almonds and the bis­cuit stick, which remains the crunchi­est part and is thick­er to provide great­er sur­face area for the crush almonds to attach. It’s very more­ish.

The box of Glico Pocky Almond Crush con­tained 2 bags each with 7 pieces. It was man­u­fac­tured in Japan and pur­chased in Hong Kong in 2015.