Ying Kee Tea House Mango Tekannon


Ying Kee Tea House Mango Tekannon is a fla­voured oolong tea that comes in instant sticks and can be made hot or cold. Tekkannon (or tie­gua­ny­in in Chinese) is a vari­ety of oolong tea ori­gin­at­ing from Anxi in Fujian province in China in the 19th cen­tury.

The mango fla­vour is strong and veers into ‘arti­fi­cial’ ter­rit­ory. The golden yel­low col­our of the tea would sug­gest that as an oolong, it’s only lightly oxid­ised, so it should take on the more flor­al and del­ic­ate char­ac­ters of green tea. The mango fla­vour, how­ever, is over­whelm­ing and leaves a slightly astrin­gent mouth­feel as the only hint of it being a fla­voured tea. It’s not an alto­geth­er unpleas­ant fla­vour (it resembles an astrin­gent mango fla­voured soft drink), but it’s dis­ap­point­ing as an oolong.

This box of Ying Kee Tea House Mango Tekannon con­tained 5 sachets. It was packed in Japan and pur­chased in Osaka, Japan in 2014.