Glico Giant Pretz Hatcho Miso


Miso is eaten all over Japan, but nowhere more so than in Aichi pre­fec­ture where you can find it fla­vour oden, noodles, and even bread and cakes. Hatcho miso is a vari­ety of red miso made from soy and known for its dense, rich fla­vour and rel­at­ively low salt con­tent com­pared to miso made from rice or salt or bar­ley in addi­tion).

Originating from Nagoya, it stands to reas­on that Glico Giant Pretz Hatcho Miso is the region-lim­ited fla­vour for Aichi pre­fec­ture. Here, a giant bis­cuit stick is covered in powdered hacho miso.

Straight from the pack­aging, each bis­cuit stick has vis­ible specks of red hatcho miso season­ing and smells like sweet beans, recall­ing the azuki paste filling of man­ju. This trans­lates to a sweet earthy fla­vour — still recall­ing a less sweet, but crunchy azuki paste filling a man­ju – that devel­ops with a mild heat mid-bite before leav­ing a more savoury earthy miso fla­vour in the fin­ish that lingers long in the after­taste. With the rich sweet­ness of hatcho miso, this Giant Haccho Miso Pretz is more of a dessert Pretz like Matcha Vanilla Double Pretz.

The box of Glico Giant Pretz Hatcho Misocon­tained 16 packs each with 2 pieces. It is a lim­ited edi­tion for the Aichi Prefecture and was man­u­fac­tured in Japan and pur­chased in Nagoya, Japan in 2014.