Citrus Golden Blend KitKat by Nestle Japan

Citrus Golden Blend KitKat or Kankitsu Ogon Blend KitKat is a blend of three cit­rus from Shikoku: suda­chi (a sour cit­rus that resembles the appear­ance of a lime), mik­an (a Japanese man­dar­in) and lemon.

While it uses the crit­us from the Shikoku region, its avail­ab­il­ity extends to also the Chugoku region.


The KitKat doesn’t blend all three cit­rus into one fla­vour. Impressively, you can taste all three cit­rus with­in a single bite. The first burst of fla­vour is dis­tinctly mik­an, with its sweeter-than-orange fla­vour, and that’s fol­lowed by a rather mel­low lem­on. All that fla­vour comes from the white chocol­ate enrob­ing the wafers. Once you the white chocol­ate melts away, you’re greeted with the sour­ness of suda­chi as a cream sand­wiched between the wafers. The suda­chi bal­ances the sweet­ness of white chocol­ate for a KitKat with a refresh­ing and impress­ive depth of flavour.

The box of Citrus Golden Blend KitKat con­tained 12 mini bars. It is a lim­ited edi­tion for the regions of Shikoku and Chugoku, and was man­u­factured in Japan and pur­chased in Tokyo, Japan in 2014.