Burger Project, Sydney


A quest for a prop­erly thick thick­shake by N landed me at Burger Project, mak­ing it also a good time to try their bur­gers. The space at Burger Project is quite cas­u­al, much like a fan­ci­er ver­sion of McDonald’s — your food still comes on a tray and in dis­pos­able con­tain­ers. We come in around 12pm to lots of empty tables, and by 12:30pm the place is burst­ing with people on their lunch break — nav­ig­at­ing to and from your table in the cramped space.


On D’s recom­mend­a­tion (his has a knack of choos­ing the tasty options on food menus!), I order the Cheese and Bacon Burger ($10.90). It’s filled with 36 month grass fed beef, bacon, cheese, pickles, tomato, lettuce and ‘secret’ sauce. Minus the raw onion that I for­got to leave out of my order, this is one tasty bur­ger. The beef patty is the def­in­ite star, being juicy and fall-apart tender. The bacon was deli­ciously fatty! The lettuce was crisp and fresh (and not shred­ded so as to fall every­where upon eat­ing). I even enjoyed the pickles, which I nev­er do — they were like lightly sour cucum­ber.

I briefly con­tem­plated order­ing my bur­ger in a bowl, think­ing the bun would be too much. The bun to innards ratio, how­ever, was just right: just enough to soak up the juices and hold everything togeth­er without being bready.


As for my drink, this is the Passion Pop Soda ($4.50). It tastes just like a fizzy Frosty Fruit! So, trop­ic­al and deli­cious. My one com­plaint? Their straws! They’re made of card­board and just feel wrong in the mouth.

While bur­gers are an occa­sion­al food for N and me, we’d likely come back just for thick­shakes and chips.

Burger Project is loc­ated at 1 World Square, 644 George St, Sydney NSW 2000.