Stolen Recipe Speciality Teas


It’s not often that I buy pre- brewed teas in Syd­ney. Yet the Stolen Recipe Speciality Teas were so pretty lined up at the loc­al super­mar­ket, I couldn’t res­ist. They come in four fla­vours:

1. Rooi­bos Red Tea in Wild Cherry. This was the most pleas­ant of the four. I still haven’t acquired the taste for straight rooi­bos tea, so the bold cherry taste masks those hay/​tobacco roobi­os fla­vours well, with­out being over­whelm­ing.

2. Oolong Fujian Tea in Berry Guava. The berry fla­vour speaks louder than the guava here, and both are pleas­ant, although the more com­plex nutty notes of an oolong tea are lost.

3. Dar­jeel­ing Black Tea in Peach Hibis­cus. This one I expec­ted to be the most pleas­ant because pre- brewed fla­voured black teas tend to get the bal­ance between the bit­ter tan­nin taste of black tea and the sweet­ness just right. The fla­vours of peach and flo­ral notes were present, but I’d have liked them to be punchi­er against the black tea.

4. Gun­pow­der Green Tea in Mint Lime. This one tasted more like pep­per­mint tea with a hint of lime — the green tea came through only as an astrin­gent after­taste.

The four fla­vours are ‘sweet­ened nat­u­rally’ with white grape juice. And this is where the teas fall over — the taste of white grape juice comes through strongly and gives a sour and weak sweet­ness to the teas that aren’t masked by the fla­vours the teas claim to be. Flavour­ing with sug­ar would very much improve the fla­vours of these teas.

These bottles of Stolen Recipe Speciality Teas con­tained 250 ml. They were bottled in Australia and pur­chased in Syd­ney, Aus­tralia in 2015.