Malacca Straits Sirap Air Limau


Work is really branch­ing out my exper­i­ence with dif­fer­ent cuisines. But it was bound to hap­pen when someone else chooses the res­taur­ant. Thai food fea­tures a lot. German once or twice. And now Malaysian food. I still get muddled dis­tin­guish­ing Thai from Malaysian from Indonesian food, but I’m learn­ing. With that, comes inter­est­ing drinks! The drinks menu at res­taur­ants is half the fun for me.

At Malacca Straits, I spy a Sirap Air Limau ($3.90). It’s ‘iced rose syr­up with freshly squeezed lime. I was expect­ing a pale pink drink with a slice of lime on the rim. So, ima­gine my sur­prise when a hot pink drink was served! That said, it tastes noth­ing like rose. It tastes like a liquid ver­sion of the rasp­berry fla­voured Redskin candy. It has both the sweet and tart fla­vours of arti­fi­cial rasp­berry, but without the pleas­ant car­bon­a­tion of obvi­ously unhealthy soft drinks. Without car­bon­a­tion, I’d be unlikely to order it again even though it tasted all right.

Malacca Straits on Broadway is loc­ated at Shop 5, The Quadrant, 66 Mountain Street, Ultimo NSW 2007.