Local Mbassy, Ultimo


Way back at the end of June, The Local Mbassy opened up in Ultimo, a neigh­bor­hood sorely lack­ing in good cafes. Just a week after it opened, the young­er col­leagues in the office went there for a catch up after an old col­league had returned after try­ing out anoth­er job the pre­vi­ous year. It’s a rather small cafe on a street corner, replete with exposed and pol­ished con­crete walls that fea­ture over­sized sil­hou­ettes and draw­ings.


The back wall behind the counter is dec­or­ated in a series of pipes (which crawls up and around the ceil­ing) that sup­port wooden benches fea­tur­ing antique dec­or­a­tions.


There’s a good vari­ety of dishes on the menu, ran­ging from light­er dishes to full meals. I opt for the Mushroom and Cheese Bruschetta ($11) with lem­on thyme, parmes­an and a light salad, drizzled with bal­sam­ic vin­eg­ar.


I was quite sur­prised by the amount of green and purple on my bruschetta when it came out and was con­cerned that it might taste too much like a salad. I needn’t have wor­ried — the salad was not obtrus­ive and provided some tex­tur­al vari­ation to the bruschetta. And it’s as I had hoped, the mush­rooms and cheese are the stars of the dish. The mush­rooms are plen­ti­ful and warm, which provided a good con­trast to the cool salad. The sour­dough was grilled to a give a deli­cious crunch. And the cheese? The cheese brought everything togeth­er into a tasty dish.

With Local Mbassy the cafe scene around Ultimo is look­ing up!

Local Mbassy is loc­ated at 310 Wattle St, Ultimo NSW 2007.