Kanzo Fresh Sushi, Parramatta


Kanzo Fresh Sushi is a small Japanese res­taur­ant with space only for about 15 cus­tom­ers, but even in the middle of the week, it’s nev­er empty. It’s run by Korean people but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the food or decor — only the staff speak­ing to each oth­er gives it away.


D and I share the Salmon Lover Party Platter ($49). (Yes, two’s a party.) There’s sal­mon sushi of every kind: nigiri (fresh and seared), hoso maki, futo maki, chu maki.


The sal­mon was deli­ciously fresh and gen­er­ous in every sushi. The rice was vin­egared just right (usu­ally this is where Korean run sushi places fall short). The avo­cado was very creamy as well — and while I would’ve pre­ferred the fresh­ness of cucum­ber, the avo­cado would’ve been just right if D and I were eat­ing smal­ler por­tions (i.e. not half the plat­ter).


On the back of such a prom­ising first vis­it, we returned a short time later. I have to pre­face this vis­it by say­ing that I really had no appet­ite when we ate this (a ridicu­lously thick thick­shake on an empty stom­ach does that to you).

Not being raven­ously hungry this time, I go for the Sashimi Bento ($16), which came with rice and miso soup. The undressed sashimi was fresh with good bite. I was sur­prised and dis­ap­poin­ted, though, at the thin­ness of the tuna sashimi and the dress­ing drown­ing five pieces of sashimi. I do not enjoy dress­ing at all! The rice was also dry and would’ve com­ple­men­ted the sashimi bet­ter had it been vin­egared, like sushi rice.


Even with my lack of appet­ite, though, D’s takoy­aki was very tasty! While not pip­ing hot like our favour­ite takoy­aki, its innards had a good semi-mushy tex­ture that’s very much unlike the plastic-tex­ture of fish balls. The fla­vour was spot on and the octopus inside was tasty.

Kanzo Fresh Sushi is a prom­ising spot for Japanese food in Western Sydney. Next time, I’ll stick to sushi and sashimi, and avoid bowls of rice and salads.

Kanzo Fresh Sushi is loc­ated at 6/​55 – 67 George St, Parramatta NSW 2150.