Kanzi Fashion Cafe, Haymarket


Gelato and ice cream options abound at the south­ern end of the City, but decent cake is harder to find. We’d eyed the cakes at Kanzi Fashion Cafe dur­ing our pre­vi­ous vis­its for drinks, but were always full from lunch to want to fill up on cake that didn’t beck­on us visu­ally. For late after­noon tea with T and N on a busy after­noon, though, it was a most con­veni­ent option.


This is the Green Forest Cake ($7.50). It con­sists of lay­ers of green tea sponge sand­wich­ing green tea cream that’s with azuki bean through­out, topped with white chocol­ate shav­ings and drizzles of rasp­berry and kiwi syr­up.

The sponge was light and fluffy, which is char­ac­ter­ist­ic of Asian sponge cakes. As with Korean takes at green tea fla­voured food, the green tea fla­vour is absent. It seems to hap­pen because they use actu­al brewed green tea rather than matcha to fla­vour the food, which res­ults in it lack­ing the strong green tea fla­vour and bright green col­our found in Japanese green tea fla­voured foods. What’s left is a sweet cake that’s super pale green (food col­our­ing?). While the green tea fla­vour was lack­ing, the cake itself was enjoy­able to eat even if it wasn’t amaz­ing.

The drizzles of rasp­berry and kiwi syr­up were a bit ran­dom — how do those fla­vours tie in with the cake?! — but oth­er­wise very tasty! Especially the kiwi.


This time I tried the Mojito ($6.50) as an iced drink rather than as a slush­ie. I much prefer this ver­sion as it has the same fla­vour as the slush­ie, which I love, and without the chunks of pith, which I dis­like.

While the cakes at Kanzi Fashion Cafe aren’t amaz­ing, they’re not entirely bad. Their drinks, though, are great!

Kanzi Fashion Cafe is loc­ated at 393399 Sus­sex St, Hay­mar­ket NSW 2000.