Glico Giant Pretz Takoyaki


Takoyaki is typ­ic­ally a bit smal­ler than a golf ball, and takoy­aki Pretz is also typ­ic­ally just thick­er than a wooden skew­er. Yet, I’ve had takoy­aki that’s big­ger than the size of my fist (in Harajuku, Tokyo in 2011). And this is Glico Giant Pretz Takoyaki, a bis­cuit stick coated in takoy­aki fla­voured season­ing.

The size dif­fer­ence changes the fla­vour sig­ni­fic­antly when com­pared to the stand­ard Glico Pretz Takoyaki. The giant size means that the bis­cuit stick is less sweet and more toasty and fla­vour­some than stand­ard takoy­aki Pretz. The bis­cuit more closely resembles the fla­vours of fresh takoy­aki with a pro­nounced grilled octopus fla­vour in the first bite before devel­op­ing into more fishy umami notes of bonito flakes with a heat remin­is­cent of the Worshestchire sauce as the base of takoy­aki sauce and fin­ished with the slight edge of ginger in the fin­ish. Not only is there more sur­face for the season­ing, but the season­ing used is more vis­ible, dark­er and bolder in fla­vour than stand­ard Glico Pretz Takoyaki.

The box of Glico Giant Pretz Takoyaki con­tained 16 packs each with 2 pieces. It was man­u­fac­tured in Japan and pur­chased in Osaka, Japan in 2014.