Dong Suh Buckwheat Tea


Slice of life’ anime intro­duces you to a world of Japan you wouldn’t oth­er­wise think much of as a tour­ist. And by anime, I include all the series that are aired in Japan but aren’t expor­ted or become main­stream in Western coun­tries. In fact, I’m not sure there are many, if any, ‘slice of life’ anime series that have become main­stream in Western coun­tries. One of these is mugicha, a tea made from roas­ted bar­ley that the Japanese (and Koreans) drink chilled in the sum­mer months for its thirst-quench­ing effect. Another one of these teas is sobacha.

Sobacha is a tea made from roas­ted buck­wheat, the same grain from which soba noodles are made. The sobacha above is Dong Suh Buckwheat Tea and it has a very enjoy­able nutty fla­vour and aroma. Its fla­vour is akin to soba noodles as expec­ted, but it tastes noth­ing like lique­fied soba noodles (and would be quite gross if it did). It’s also com­par­able to the Brown Rice Green Tea by Dong Suh, but with a round­er mouth­feel without the slight­est astrin­gency and a pleas­ant slight sweet­ness. This is a new addi­tion to my list of staple teas — it’s a com­fort­ing hot tea that you cosy up with on a cold day or a refresh­ing cold tea that you’d cool your­self with on a swel­ter­ing day.

This box of Dong Suh Buckwheat Tea con­tained 25 tea bags. The tea ori­gin­ated in Korea and was pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2015.