Azoto, Sydney


Azoto is like the less flashy and hip­ster rel­at­ive of N2 Extreme Gelato (with its chalk­boards). The fla­vours are tame and don’t change often, if at all.


I went straight for the Shooting Star ($6) a ‘refresh­ing water­mel­on base with lychee jelly and straw­berry pop­ping candy top­ping’.

It’s a ridicu­lously smooth gelato, which is a rather nov­el exper­i­ence. And I think my ‘icy’ my col­league was refer­ring to this smooth­ness that’s like akin to tast­ing super cold liquid. Perhaps some grit that you get from fresh water­mel­on would have made the tex­ture of the gelato more inter­est­ing but this was an exper­i­ence in itself (made from water­mel­on syr­up). The pop­ping candy is also a fun sen­sa­tion — it keeps pop­ping and pop­ping — and it gave a slight tangi­ness to the sweet water­mel­on. I really enjoyed the lychee jel­lies — they’re the super bouncy kind you get in Asian gro­cery stores and not made from agar jelly. Unfortunately, when they make sev­er­al orders in one batch it seems that the dis­tri­bu­tion of the jel­lies are imbal­anced — I found three in my cup while N had upwards of 6.

There’s very little seat­ing for cus­tom­ers, so be pre­pared to sit at the two tables that are vir­tu­ally on the street with smokers stream­ing past.

Azoto is loc­ated at 97 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000.