The Dough Collective, Sydney


Lychees are one of my favour­ite fruits. I love to eat it in all its forms, which is usu­ally as whole fruit (fresh or canned), or as a fla­vour­ing to cakes or drinks (includ­ing liqueur). In its rarer forms, I’ve enjoyed it as a dehyd­rated chip


And now, I’ve also enjoyed it as a dried fruit in bread from the Dough Collective.


Despite appear­ances and first impres­sions from the samples, the bread doesn’t have a hard crust or a dry centre. It’s actu­ally a soft bread, with a fluffy inside that’s scattered with a lychees through­out. I’ve nev­er tried dried lychees before (where would one buy them from?) and they taste rather inter­est­ing — some­thing like a dried grape (rais­ins) but with a more exot­ic more mel­low sweet­ness. With each bite, the gen­er­ous scat­ter­ing of lychees fla­vours the fluffy bread. And even though I’m not the biggest fan (or at all) of multi grain bread gen­er­ally, I quite enjoyed the grains here — they were only on the sur­face of the bread and lent a pleas­ant nut­ti­ness and tex­ture.

The Dough Collective is loc­ated at 614 George St, Sydney NSW 2000.