Satang Thai Exclusive Longan Drink


In mid August, the office wound up at Satang Thai Exclusive (a decent res­taur­ant serving tasty above-aver­age Thai food) for a birth­day cel­eb­ra­tion.

On their drinks menu was some­thing I hadn’t seen before: a longan drink ($3.90). I’ve long asso­ci­ated longans with lychees, although longans tend to have a crisper mouth­feel and subtler taste, where­as lychees have a more punchy sweet­ness and fla­vour. Of the two, the taste of lychee would appeal to the aver­age pal­ate more eas­ily; the taste of longans is some­what acquired (a tad spice-y).

While I’m firmly in the lychee over longan camp, the longan drink was deli­cious. It tasted just like longans and was per­fectly sweetened, a refresh­ing drink to cut through the spi­ci­ness and heav­i­ness of the cur­ries. There was a gen­er­ous amount of longan flesh in the drink, although they were obvi­ously canned and so lacked the crisp­ness and fla­vour of the fresh fruit. But that’s to be expec­ted.

Satang Thai Exclusive is at 204/​107 – 121 Quay St, Haymarket NSW 2000.