Mama’s Bưởi, Surry Hills


We’re almost out of winter here in Sydney, so cast your minds three months back and you’ll remem­ber that the first week of winter in July was accom­pan­ied by a polar blast. If that set the tone for the rest of winter we’d all be cer­ti­fied polar bears by now. It didn’t though and we were left with a rather mild winter (as the met­eor­o­lo­gists prom­ised). During that first week, K craved pho. What bet­ter time to eat noodles in hot soup than cold weath­er?


The res­taur­ant is packed at lunch time and a far cry from the tiled spaces with plastic chairs and tables you get at some of the more typ­ic­al Vietnamese res­taur­ants. I’m a firm believ­er that those are the res­taur­ants you want to go to, if you want authen­t­ic Vietnamese food out­side. That aside, I’m always happy to try new places: Mama’s Bưởi in Surry Hills.


I’m not a big fan of pho, and I always find it hard to go past crispy skin pork belly, so I order Vermicelli Noodles served with a tra­di­tion­al salad mix and fresh herbs and roast pork and crack­ling ($14). Doesn’t it make a pretty pic­ture?


The pork crack­ling is beau­ti­fully crispy, and the roast pork is juicy. There’s a super gen­er­ous amount of salad, which is at the expense of any ver­mi­celli noodles, unfor­tu­nately. I got only a sprink­ling of noodles. While I love pickled car­rots and find it essen­tial to every mouth­ful, so are noodles! Other than that, though, the fla­vours were sat­is­fy­ing and spot on.


And to wash it down, I had a Vietnamese Iced Coffee ($4.50). It was a sweet and milky cof­fee, with just the right notes of bit­ter­ness.

Mama’s Bưởi is loc­ated at 116 Devonshire St, Surry Hills NSW 2010.