Loyd Rosehip and Apple Infusion


Loyd is a brand of tea from Poland that has it’s ori­gins in the teas from the London tea house Thompson Lloyd & Ewart whose been mak­ing tea since 1760. Aside from their Polish web­site, there’s a scarcity of inform­a­tion avail­able about the com­pany in English. Anyway, this is Loyd Rosehip and Apple Infusion.


Infusing one pyr­am­id tea bag in 200 ml of just boiled water for 5 minutes yields a bril­liantly red liquor. The tea smells much like it tastes, with a first sip reveal­ing the sweet­ness of ripe apples that’s fol­lowed quickly by a pleas­ant hit of acid­ity from the rose­hip before retreat­ing to the fresh taste of apples in the tail. Almost no after­taste fol­lows this tea, mak­ing it a pleas­antly neut­ral tea for pair­ing with desserts. While I enjoy my teas without sweeten­er, adding sug­ar or honey to an iced ver­sion of this tea would be par­tic­u­larly refresh­ing in sum­mer.

This box of Loyd Rosehip and Apple Infusion con­tained 20 tea bags. It was packed in the United Kingdom and pur­chased in Kowloon, Hong Kong in 2015.