Jonga Jip, Eastwood


Korean BBQ has been some­thing D has been inter­ested in for a long time. We’d dabbled into it at Strathfield once but that didn’t come with the entire exper­i­ence of being in a smoke filled room that turns turns all your clothes and hair into a walk­ing advert for Korean BBQ.

So off we went to Jonga Jip in Eastwood after find­ing it fea­tured in the food sec­tion of the Sydney Morning Herald. There are two branches with­in a 50m radi­us in Eastwood — one on Rowe St and the oth­er on Railway Pde. While the lat­ter has vents above each cook top, reviews poin­ted to the former as hav­ing bet­ter food. In any case T could only find the phone num­ber for the Rowe St shop online when book­ing.


The seat­ing is very cramped — they obvi­ously wanted to fit as many people in there as pos­sible but it’s man­age­able. A dizzy­ing num­ber of com­pli­ment­ary side dishes take up almost all the space on the table.


We order a meat plat­ter to bar­be­cue. There’s pork and vari­ous cuts of beef, as well as some mar­in­ated beef ribs. I wasn’t too impressed by the pork, but most of the beef (minus the bits with gristle) was tender and juicy, and the mar­in­ated ribs were espe­cially tasty!


The com­pli­ment­ary side dishes come with free refills so we zero’d in our favour­ite ones: pota­tos in honey and chilli (left), sweet potato mash (right) and spicy dried fish (not shown).


And my abso­lute favour­ite thing about Korean food (after my favour­ite brown rice roas­ted green tea) is potato noodles. I love chewy noodles and these are addict­ively and deli­ciously chewy. And they stay chewy even after they’ve been sit­ting for a while after they’ve been cooked, which is some­thing that you don’t get with instant potato noodles.

To fin­ish off, T ordered the ox knee soup, which is an abso­lute train wreck of a dish choice! It has car­til­age from the ox knee, which is rub­bery and bland (even with the soy sauce and was­abi provided) and the soup itself? It tastes like a lique­fied ver­sion of that car­til­age, that is to say, it is bland and watery, like plain con­gee without the tex­ture of rice. We later found out from a snip­pet on the TV at the res­taur­ant that it’s good for preg­nant women and the eld­erly. I would not recom­mend.

Jonga Jip is loc­ated at 87 Rowe St, Eastwood NSW 2122.