The Dough Collective, Sydney


The Dough Collective caught my eye last year when it opened its first store on George St. It had a house built from bread rolls gra­cing its entrance! But I was freshly full from lunch and wasn’t open to the pro­spect of a mid-after­noon snack, so passed on the longan roll I saw. I did get a nibble of the samples, though, and the longan roll was tasty and noth­ing like sul­tana or rais­ins in bread.


They didn’t have the longan rolls when I vis­ited but they did have chocol­ate and chest­nut rolls. The chocol­ate is intense in these rolls. After the first bite, I wondered if the brown cream inside that I thought was chest­nut pur­ee wasn’t just chocol­ate cream. But it’s cer­tainly chest­nut pur­ee, and it gives a very pleas­ant nut­ti­ness to the chocol­ate roll, akin to the deli­cious­ness of hazel­nuts and chocol­ate.


But the pastries! The pastries keep me com­ing back to The Dough Collective. This is the Apple Turnover ($3.80). The pastry is abso­lutely deli­cious — oh so but­tery and flaky. The innards are an apple jam, and I didn’t mind that lack of actu­al apple pieces as it made the pastry melt in your mouth.


After going back mul­tiple times for just the apple turnover, I tried anoth­er pastry: the Apricot Danish ($3.80). It’s two slices of apricot and a glob of cus­tard wrapped in pastry and covered in a sticky glaze. The glaze moistens the pastry con­sid­er­ably, so you lose some of the flaky good­ness from the apple turnover. Other than that, though, the apricots provide juicy bites to the ends of the pastry, while the cus­tard between the two apricot halves gives a pleas­ant not-too-sweet sur­prise.

The Dough Collective really sets itself apart from the myri­ad of oth­er baker­ies around.

The Dough Collective is loc­ated at Shop RG28, The Galeries, 500 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000