Mappen Noodle Bar, Sydney


Mappen Noodle Bar  is a very Japanese estab­lish­ment that thrives of cooper­a­tion between the chef and the cus­tom­er to provide the most effi­cient ser­vice. You order by telling the per­son behind the udon sta­tion which num­ber from an enu­mer­ated menu you want, wheth­er you want it with udon or soba noodles, wheth­er you want it hot or cold, and wheth­er you want it in reg­u­lar or large size. Unlike res­taur­ants of this kind in Japan, their noodles are not made fresh, but come dried.

This is one of my ulti­mate com­fort foods: cold udon in a dashi broth with an ontama (half-boiled egg) ($6.70). You can get top­pings of shal­lots or tem­pura bits, but I prefer mine without. Cold udon is deli­ciously chewy in a way that hot udon can nev­er be, and gooey egg yolks are the best way to eat eggs (hard boiled egg yolks are no fun!).

And then my choice of sides is tem­pura sweet potato ($1.20). It’s so sat­is­fy­ing to bite into some­thing starchy. The sweet­ness of the sweet potato goes very well with the savoury bat­ter. Yum.

I’ll almost cer­tainly be ven­tur­ing into the heart of the city for more!

Mappen Noodle Bar is loc­ated at 11/​537 – 551 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000.