Glico Pretz Corn


For a couple of weeks every few years in Australia, fast food chains like McDonald’s or Hungry Jacks intro­duce a lim­ited edi­tion season­ing for their French fries. It’s invari­ably a spicy season­ing that you pour into a paper bag with your French fries before shak­ing vig­or­ously to end up with fries speckled red and orange with season­ing. At First Kitchen, how­ever, season­ing shakes with your fries are per­man­ent on the menu and one fla­vour is deli­ciously more­ish: corn pot­tage. Corn pot­tage is the ulti­mate com­fort food.

While not French fries, this is Glico Pretz Corn, an ordin­ary Pretz stick fla­voured with corn and but­ter season­ing. They taste remark­ably like the corn pot­tage seasoned French fries from First Kitchen. The first bite has the sweet­ness of fresh corn that’s fol­lowed by a deli­ciously but­tery fla­vour. You’d think corn fla­voured foods would just taste bor­ing like corn chips, but no, they’re deli­cious. But of course, but­ter on fresh corn is already all kinds of tasty!

This box of Glico Pretz Corn con­tained one bag with ~30 pieces. It was pro­duced in Thailand and pur­chased in Hong Kong in 2015.