Glico Giant Pocky Uji Matcha


Uji is a city in Kyoto with a repu­ta­tion for pro­du­cing green tea of super­i­or qual­ity. It was one of the first places to engage in tea cul­tiv­a­tion after it was brought over from China. D and I vis­ited Uji dur­ing our first trip to Japan in 2011, and were charmed by the res­taur­ants and stores offer­ing matcha fla­voured foods along the approach to Byodoin Temple. On our second vis­it to Japan, we found this region­al Glico Giant Pocky Uji Matcha in Osaka.

Put simply, it’s a giant Pocky that’s twice as long and twice as wide as ordin­ary Pocky. The bis­cuit stick is 250 mm long and 8 mm in dia­met­er enrobed in 1 mm of matcha mousse. The bis­cuit is fla­voured with unsweetened matcha, which is evid­ent from the very slightly bit­ter fla­vour and the tell­tale green ting­ing the oth­er­wise golden brown of the bis­cuit.

The creamy tex­ture of matcha tea makes it per­fect as a mousse for a Pocky. The mouse is smooth and def­in­itely the star of the bis­cuit. The bis­cuit to mousse ratio is just right — the sweet­ness of the mousse bal­ances well with the slight bit­ter­ness of the unsweetened bis­cuit. Happily, the mousse is thick­er than you’d find on ordin­ary Pocky to counter the extra bis­cuit, so it’s not dry or cloy­ing to the mouth.

The box of Glico Giant Pocky Uji Matcha con­tained 18 packs each with 1 piece. It was pro­duced in Japan, and pur­chased in Osaka, Japan in 2014.