Essen Restaurant, Ultimo


I’d walked past Essen Restaurant many times on my way to Broadway Shopping Centre think­ing it was just anoth­er place cater­ing to uni­ver­sity stu­dents. Turns out, it’s a German res­taur­ant with prices decidedly not aimed at uni­ver­sity stu­dents. The res­taur­ant has a rus­tic wooden interi­or, with glass jars of pickled veget­ables lin­ing the tops of cab­in­ets, and old sauerkraut cans hold­ing cut­lery


There’s an extens­ive drinks menu with lots of prom­ising fruity options (e.g. green apple, Williams pear etc). I go for the Lychee Cider ($7). It’s a refresh­ing cider, but the lychee notes aren’t obvi­ous enough for my lik­ing.


I can nev­er pass up pork belly on a menu, so I order the Pork Belly ($26) with sauerkraut jus, and crack­ling. The pork is tender and would’ve appre­ci­ated a cris­pi­er skin on the pork. Overall, I wasn’t too impressed. I love pickled car­rots and white radish, but pickled cab­bage in its own juices? No thanks. The crack­ling, while crispy, was too salty.


And the Rosti ($6). Rosti are my new favour­ite food. This one was beau­ti­fully crunchy and crispy on the out­side, while the shred­ded potato inside retained its tex­ture (it was not like mashed potato!) and was nice and but­tery. Yum!

At 50% off (K had a vouch­er), the food here was decent. At full price though, the food is not worth the price and I prob­ably won’t be return­ing.

Essen Restaurant is at 133 – 135 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007.