Ramen Kan, Haymarket

With the renov­a­tion of Ramen Kan came a spate of new dishes that brought it in line with what N and I love to eat at Japanese res­taur­ants: udon and sushi. Even so, it took about half a year before I had eaten enough bowls of kais­en don to actu­ally try the sushi.


The sushi offer­ing isn’t very large or very soph­ist­ic­ated, but that’s all right. I ordered the sal­mon maki ($4.80) and the tuna maki ($4.80). If they had a cucum­ber maki, I’d have ordered that too. Maki is some of my favour­ite ways to each sushi — neither D nor N can under­stand why I like them, but I do, prob­ably because they were the per­fect bite size part of bento boxes I ate from a Japanese res­taur­ant as a child.

It’s clear that it’s not made by a sushi chef (not that I was expect­ing oth­er­wise). The maki is rolled rather haphaz­ardly and in par­tic­u­lar, the tuna maki was burst­ing with tuna that the sea­weed barely held it togeth­er. But present­a­tion aside, it was a simple roll and it was tasty. It was miss­ing was­abi in each maki, but that was eas­ily solved by the dol­lop accom­pa­ny­ing the plate. The maki is per­fect for a light meal or quick sushi fix with a bowl of udon.

Ramen Kan is loc­ated at Level 1 90 Hay St, Haymarket NSW 2000.